How Denmark aims to be the leader in audio and sound industry

Denmark is one of the world leaders in the sound industry, having been named as the most digital country according to the Digital Economy and Society Index in 2017.

They are the global leaders in the audio and sound technology industries, having created many of the internationally recognized brands of goods that are available today.

Audio and sound equipment such as hearing aids, sound measuring equipment, speakers, and microphones are just some products pioneered in Denmark and are available from various retailers and online shops, some of whom are listed on, an online Danish review website which allows you to choose from a selection of stockists based on the reviews they have received.

Many of the audio and sound products we use across the globe today were most likely designed and created in Denmark. If you are looking for audio and sound products for your home or business, you might be interested in JBL. Read reviews, tips, compliments, and complaints about this company from real-world customers that have actually bought those products so that you can make better-informed decisions for yourself.

Audio and sound products have a place in every home and business, from speakers to play your favorite music at home while relaxing with friends, to IT products such as webcams and laptop speakers for video conferencing at your workplace. We can also use it in the medical industry.

The area of expertise for audio and sound in the medical industry in Denmark focuses on human perception of sound and speech; hearing and hearing loss; loudness; computer-aided speech; music recognition; signal processing; and, optimized transducers.

The year 2009 saw the creation of the Danish Sound Innovation Network. It operates as a hub for the audio and sound industry and includes research institutes, businesses, public organizations, policy-makers, and professional users. Its mission is to stimulate growth by branding the Danish sound ecosystem, connecting professionals, and spark innovative activities across research and business areas. By 2025, the Danish Sound Innovation Network seeks to make Denmark one of the five leaders in the world for innovative sound related products and solutions.

There are many public-private partnerships as well. The audio and sound technology of Denmark works across sectors, business and research institutions, with many well-known partnerships taking place daily.

Denmark is also a world leader in the technology industry, with up to 85% of the Danish population online. It has an excellent IT structure, and its consumers are quick to adapt to new technologies, embracing the changes that come along with new technology. Several popular programming languages used in software today were developed in Denmark.

Overall, Denmark has a highly developed talent pool to hire workers from. From IT specialists whose focus is on the internet and internet technology infrastructure, to research developers who constantly seek new ways in which to use audio and sound technology for products such as hearing aids and computer-aided speech equipment.

With new technologies becoming available daily across the globe, Denmark has its work cut out for it to stay ahead of the game. With such a large focus on technology across all industries, it will be interesting to see what exciting new products Denmark comes up with next.