What are the most popular German technology brands

The German Tech business market has more than enough and numerous tech companies for software developers to choose from. Germany has been one of the fastest-growing markets for technology and the IT industry and they cover more than one-fourth of the European market. Berlin, the German Capital, is the second biggest start-up hub in Europe as it houses multiple globally recognized companies. If you are looking to buy tech products in Germany, then you should first read about them on Erfahrungenscout.de. You will get adequate information about tech companies like Music and More Music to know which of the stores sell great products. Here are some of the most known German tech brands;

Music and More Music


SAP was established in 1972 in Weinheim, Germany by Dietman Hopp, Hans-Werner Hector, Hasso Platther, Klaus Tschira and Claus Wellenreuther. SAP is German multinational software cooperation based in Walldorf, Baden Wurttemberg. It is the most famous German tech company and It is also a global leader in its market niche and a company that is routinely competing with Google, Apple, and others software companies. It is known for developing enterprise software to manage business operations and customer’s relation. As of 2016, SAP was the world’s third-largest software and programming company. The corporation operates in continents such as Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

SAP is the largest non-American software company in terms of revenue. SAP remains the largest German company by market capitalisation and the world’s third-largest publicly traded software company by revenue. With over 100 thousand employees, the company has over 425,000 customers in over 180 countries. SAP offers integrated products sets for large enterprises, mid-sized companies and small businesses. SAP has a partnership with companies such as Global Services Partners, Global Software Partners and Global Technology Partners, who collectively provide a wide range of integrated products to support SAP technology. SAP has also partnered with Apple and Microsoft.


Founded by Werner Von Siemens on the 1st of October 1847 in Berlin, Siemens whose headquarters is in Munich, Germany is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe. It is a German multinational conglomerate company having four divisions: Industry, Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure. It has operations in 190 countries and almost 285 productions and manufacturing facilities. Siemens is known for producing power generating technology, Medical technology, Railway vehicles, Water treatment system, Fire alarm, PLM software and Industrial and building automation. Siemens also offer business and financing services as well as Project engineering and Construction. As of 2020, Siemens has 293,000 employees that were employed into different divisions like Smart Infrastructure, Healthineers, Digital Industry, Power and Gas, Siemens Mobility, Siemens Financial Services etc.

Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems, founded on January 1, 1995, whose headquarter is in Raunheim, Germany, near Frankfurt, is an Information Technology service provider. With approximately 2,200 employees dispersed all over Germany as of February 2019, it has offices in 16 other countries. Lufthansa Systems is one of the world’s largest providers of IT services in the airline and aviation industry. Lufthansa Systems are reformed into three operating units: Infrastructure, Airline Solutions (Lufthansa Systems), Industry Solutions (Lufthansa Industry Solution). Lufthansa Systems offer good opportunities for developers looking forward to a career in the airline industry.